Power Outage Strikes Lingoport as New Site Launched; Globalyzer Demo Held

To commemorate the launch of the new Lingoport.com, a power outage struck a small section of North Boulder, cutting the company’s internet access. The power loss came at a time at which the company’s new website was being launched and just minutes before a Globalyzer demonstration was to be held. Thinking on their feet, employees of Lingoport quickly packed their bags and headed to a nearby co-worker’s  house where the internet access was plentiful. Here, the team simultaneously held a demo and executed a successful launch of the new Lingoport.com.

The squad referenced the leadership of President Adam Asnes in their gameplan. Marketing Director Chris Raulf said that, “we train for moments like this. You have to be able to think on your feet during these high-pressure situations.” Experts note that Lingoport has had strong drafts in recent years leading to a team-first mentality.

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