Founded in 2001, Lingoport provides extensive software localization and internationalization consulting services.

Lingoport’s Globalyzer software and extensive internationalization services help development teams support worldwide character sets, currencies, interface layouts, date/time and numerical formats and more. Lingoport’s services range from consulting advice to full scale implementation efforts to help you get to market faster.

Customers gain greater return on their global software endeavors, improve their coding quality and productivity, and satisfy global customer needs. Clients include well established worldwide leaders such as Yahoo, Cisco, Thomson Reuters, EMC, Philips and Nasdaq, as well as companies new to software globalization.

Globalyzer, an award winning internationalization (I18n)software, helps software development teams find and fix internationalization errors in source code as well as manage the global readiness of new development efforts. The results are faster time to market(s) and better quality releases worldwide.

Software internationalization isn’t just something Lingoport does; it’s their main focus. Whether you work with .NET, Java, C/C++, Visual Basic, PHP or other programming languages Lingoport can help you getting your software ready for the world.

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