What Does English Sound Like to a Foreigner?

Most of us have an idea as to what foreign languages sound like. We can identify the different tones and sounds as belonging to say German or Italian, although we don’t fully understand all the words. So what does English sound like to a foreigner? Thanks to this short film entitled Skwerl we get an idea…

Webinar Recording: Product Brand Culturalization

Exposing your brand in the correct, culturalized form is an essential first step in success in foreign markets. We recently held a webinar on Product Brand Culturalization to help companies grasp the strategies needed to reap a significant ROI in foreign markets. Thank you to all who attended.

What Are Online Filter Bubbles?

What are online filter bubbles and how is Google’s algorithm becoming the new media gatekeeper? In an enlightening talk from Eli Pariser at a TED conference in May, search engine users are shown how their tendencies are used to shape what appears on their search results. The results of this are profound in that the media gatekeeper has migrated from the newspaper editor to the user to the search engine algorithm writer. Have a look…

Google Webmaster Question: Can Duplicated Localized Content Hurt Your Site?

I came across an interesting take on localized web content and its effect on search results. Companies often have different versions of the same site that have been tweaked in terms of language and currency. Google often penalizes duplicate content since spammers try to take advantage of repeating links over and over again. But have no fear, Google recognizes the hard work real companies put into their sites. Watch below and learn first-hand from Google Webmaster guru Matt Cutts.

Upcoming Webinar: Bridging the Gap Between Software Development and Localization

Mister Zebra and Miss Giraffe introduce you to Lingoport’s next webinar: Bridging the Gap Between Software Development and Localization.

This webinar will feature a panel of software development, internationalization and localization professionals and will be held on Wednesday, August 3rd at 12:30pm EDT.

Technical managers, software engineers, test engineering managers, QA managers, internationalization and localization managers, technical writers, content developers, and anyone wanting to learn more on how to optimize their global software releases are encouraged to attend.

Sign up here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/964415249

i18n Scorecard Webinar Recording

Last week, we held a webinar in conjunction with Mike McKenna, the Senior Manager of International Engineering with Zynga and Leandro Reis, the Senior Globalization Program Manager with Adobe, on Lingoport’s new internationalization scorecard. We had great attendance from a wide variety of industry professionals and thank all of you who attended.

Lingoport Releases Behind the Scenes I18n Services Gag Reel; A Comedic Juggernaut?

Lingoport to offer a behind the scenes look into the making of  latest internationalization services video ahead of new website release

To kick off the release of their revamped website, Lingoport is unveiling a series of new videos to educate viewers about the internationalization services and products we offer. Ahead of this release, I would like to provide you with a behind the scenes look into the making of our new production.

While the final product isn’t even two minutes long, the filming of the video took nearly two hours. Lingoport President & CEO Adam Asnes became incredulous, sometimes swearing and smacking his pen on a poor, unsuspecting piece of paper. Marketing Director Chris Raulf noted that, “Although Adam is calm and collected person, he complained during the production that the working conditions were unacceptable and threatened to call his agent.”

Against the odds, it would seem, the team pulled together and created a fine video sure to inform people about the services Lingoport provides. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the making of that video…

Founded in 2001, Lingoport helps global software publishers rapidly take advantage of international market opportunities and control global software maintenance costs when entering i18n business endeavors.

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