As a service to the internationalization and localization industries, i18nblog will provide a place for job-seekers to post their resumes. Please note that this is just a place to connect employers to potential employees in the localization and internationalization industry. Please email along with a 50-word or less summary if you would like your resume to be posted here.

Current resumes posted:




Technology Business Tech Professional

Posted 11/11/11

Ten years of experience as a technology business development professional in salaried and consulting positions with proven success identifying and assessing opportunities, strategizing implementation, developing relationships and closing deals across private and public sectors. Repeated ability to quickly develop necessary proficiency in new industries to achieve goals.

Resume available here

Localization Engineer & Project Manager

Posted 10/20/11

Certified translator and Localization Engineer & PM (English <> French) with extensive experience using translation tools; Excellent ability to organizeand implement process on complex translation and localization projects. 3 years experience working as Software Localization consultant. Mastery of the whole Localization process, from the kick-off meeting to the final delivery. Looking for a position of in-house Junior Localization Project Manager.

Resume available here

Experienced Project Manager & Language Specialist

Posted 10/20/11

Highly competent leader with 15+ years experience developing solutions that enhance performance, profits and growth.

Resume available here

Language QA Specialist, Localization Industry

Posted 10/19/11

In quest for a challenging and rewarding position of responsibilities that utilizes my educational background, ability to work well with people, and my strong problem solving, planning, organizing and managing people and budgets skills.

Resume available here

Globalization Strategy & Implementation Professional

Posted 10/4/11

Seeking an opportunity to utilize my skills in globalization strategy and implementation to contribute to the launch and/or growth of an international program.

Resume available here

Marketing Program Manager

Posted 9/29/11

Entrepreneurial marketing professional with experience directing and coordinating major project initiatives. Skilled in managing teams and resources while maintaining budget constraints and consistently increasing revenues. Successful fusing business and technology to make significant value-added contributions. Strong ability to communicate with broad and diverse audiences, including customers, engineers, and executives. Adept at managing teams, influencing and defining strategy, and managing to big picture goals and objectives while delivering quality results.

Resume available here

Software and Web Localization Consultant, Europe

Posted 9/29/11

Localization Consultant. Plan your software or website localization early and be ready on time and on budget!

Talk processes, not tools. I will support your designer or Head of Development with operational information and expertise.

I will manage external or internal translators and will plan the future updates of your code or of your website.

If you are still developing your software, localization should not wait any longer.

Available all over Europe on customer site for as long as 90 days.

Resume available here

Localization Engineer & Project Manager, France

Posted 9/29/11

I am a French Localization Engineer based in Paris, France. I will bring you my strong experience of the localization industry and its different roles (translation, project management, engineering, pre-sales technical support and team leading).

I will bring the whole production team a real benefit as far as processes, quality and efficiency are concerned.

Resume available here

Freelance Translator – Project Manager

Posted 9/28/11

I am looking for a position as a Project Manager or Freelance Translator or Proofreader in your Company.

My language combinations are from English to French and from Spanish to French, and sometimes from French to Spanish, and from French to English.

If you have any questions or should you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Resume available here

Experienced Localization Program & Project Manager

Posted 9/22/11

As a Localization Program/Project Manager with your organization, I would bring a focus on quality and ease of use to your localized products/services development. Furthermore, I work well with others, and I am experienced in setting the processes, defining the methodology, setting and complying with standards.

Resume available here

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