Establishing a Global Business Plan

Creating a robust global marketing plan in the face of economic uncertainty is a difficult task; but a necessary one. As global markets expand and become valuable customers, successful businesses must strive to develop good relationships and good products for those markets. The business reasons for expanding to a global market are often understood, but the process can be difficult. This is where companies go wrong and the localization and internationalization process becomes a time & cost consuming project.

Getting it done right the first time is an important way to ensure cost control and quality. Creating an understanding of the global business plan across the company is paramount to avoiding miscommunication and successfully implementing a global strategy. Have the internationalization/localization team sit down and discuss what metrics will be used to measure success. Enable one person of expertise to overlook the whole process and cross-check it to make sure the project meets the standards initially established. Think of this as a sort of version control; everything meets the same standards even though it is being produced by different teams.

Remember, customers prefer buying in their own language. So when developing a global business plan, put yourself in the shoes of the potential customer. Would you buy a product that you don’t understand? Not likely. This is why quality internationalization and localization are so important in creating a successful global business.