Lingoport and Acrolinx Marketing Departments Partner for Friday Afternoon Barbecue

On a glorious Friday afternoon, Lingoport welcomed a member of the Acrolinx marketing department for their monthly company barbecue. Jennifer Beaupre, VP of Global Marketing for Acrolinx, was the guest of honor as pleasantries were exchanged over scrumptious hamburgers, hot dogs, watermelon and potato salad.

Lingoport’s software engineers joined as well, making an appearance outside of the attic where they typically spend weeks-on-end dealing with software internationalization issues and needy customers (this marks the first time they’ve been let outside since they were given the weekend off for St. Patrick’s Day).

Beaupre, making a surprise appearance, said that, “I was hesitant to come to the Lingoport offices, knowing what I’ve heard before,” but went on to add, “Chris Raulf (Lingoport’s Marketing Director & Grill Master) begged and begged until I felt like I had no choice but to come.”

Raulf’s grilling skills were on display as he prepared a feast of lean meat for the hungry workers. He was especially stoked for the occasion as Lingoport Grilling Union Head, Spencer Thomas, noted. “Chris was listening to Grillz by Nelly over and over again and yelling out “let me see your grill” to everyone in the office.” Thomas added that he tried to explain to Raulf that Nelly’s song was referring to a grille –a piece of jewelry– not a grill meant for cooking. Raulf, a native of Switzerland, did not understand the difference.


Leading Internationalization Services and Tools Provider First to Officially Open BBQ Season

Lingoport, a leading provider of internationalization tools and internationalization consulting services, is pleased to announce that it, and no one else, is the first to officially open the office barbecue season in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Conditions could not be better as children are preparing themselves for a fun-filled summer under clear blue skies and near 80-degree heat. Festivities will also include a surprise performance by Snoop Dogg, making Lingoport the leading provider of internationalization barbecue entertainment. Lingoport marketing director Chris Raulf notes that, “We weighed our options in terms of what sort of event to hold at the beginning of summer, and we decided that a barbecue would best fit the bill.”  Spencer Thomas, leader of the Lingoport Grilling Union, agreed with Raulf’s decision, saying that, “Barbecues are pretty chill.”

Several food items of note will also be in attendance, including:

  • Hot dogs
  • Hamburgers
  • Ketchup
  • Buns
  • Non-meat based items for those who choose the vegetarian diet
  • Filet mignon, courtesy of Lingoport president Adam Asnes
Guests are welcome to attend this exclusive event, but must RSVP in advance to receive a guest pass. Passes can be made available through contacting Spencer Thomas at Hats and shirts will be available for purchase to commemorate this festive occasion.