Localized & Free Software Key to Chinese Breakthrough

This post is a summary of an article on ZDNet posted on June 2, 2011. Link to the full article is available below.

Recent analysis by Chinese Market Research’s (CMR) business analyst Irene Yu suggests that it is vital for software companies and developers to localize before porting their products over to Chinese markets. Yu also adds that there are a number of cultural differences that western companies need to consider.  Chinese consumers interact differently on the web than do western consumers as they are more likely to share their opinions and experiences of a product or brand. Due to this, simple translation of software isn’t enough to introducing a new product in China; cultural tendencies need to be explored and accounted for.

Additionally, demand in China for paid software continues to grow; however, many Chinese consumers prefer a free version of a product in which they can pay for add ons later: users often like to check the quality of a product before purchasing the full version. A problem arises, though, with the availability of pirated/cracked software in China. To make up for this, companies looking to grow in China are providing the basic version of their software for free, with paid add ins. The best model for this is the integration of Plants vs. Zombies, a free social game in which users can purchase virtual goods.

For the full version of this article posted June 2, 2011 on ZDNet, visit http://www.zdnetasia.com/free-localization-key-to-china-breakthrough-62300567.htm


Worldware Presentation – The Rise of Chindia: Opportunity or Threat?

The rise of China and India (Chindia) has had a significant impact on the global economy as their markets have opened up to western companies and their labor force has become more highly educated. This presentation delves into the game changing effects Chindia has on already developed economies; specifically, do China and India pose an opportunity? Or are they a threat to take over previously developed businesses?

Presented by:

  • Nitish Singh, assistant professor of international business at the Boeing Institute of International Business at Saint Louis University and the program leader for the Executive Certificate in Web Globalization.